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What we do and why

Revenue Optimization

When looking to transform a business, the best place to start is with a fresh look at the business, products, clients, and prospects. We take a 30-day deep-dive into your business to see where we can apply our expertise, knowledge, contacts, and perspectives to catapult your forward.


This can include client surveys, prospect identification, product re-alignment, marketing optimization, outreach, and other forms of tactical and strategic action. 

When complete, you not only have a fresh perspective on next actions, but a partner who will help you to execute those plans. The process can also help position you for your best outcome if you should decide to pursue a capital raise or strategic partnership.

Raising Capital

While raising capital can often help get your business to the next level, it can also be a severe distraction that causes you to lose focus on the most important part of business success: execution. We take on the job of understanding your business, identifying the best likely sources of capital, crafting the pitch documents, and connecting you with pre-qualified investors. You get to do what you do best, which is talk about your business and vision while not losing focus on executing that vision.

To the extent that we have already done a 30-day deep-dive as part of a revenue optimization project, this whole process can be accelerated while also improving the outcome.

Strategic Partnerships

Occasionally, merging with a strategic partner can bring the greatest benefit to you, your product, your vision, and your clients. We keep a handle on who is experiencing what problems in our industry and how your product might be the perfect solution. We then develop a list of high probability acquirers and craft the strategy and materials to help explain why a merger creates a 1 + 1 = 11 situation.

Our experience across both public and private markets can help negotiate the deal structure that makes the best sense for everyone, including any performance payouts that keep your entrepreneurial spirit and opportunity alive and well.


While most of our services take one of the three forms above, the one thing we know about business is there is no way you can know everything about business. If one of our diverse skill-sets helps plug a hole for you, we are happy to dive in and help. This can be anything from thought leadership and white paper support to product development.  

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