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Mergers & Acquisitions

We work with early stage companies on finding a successful exit when the time is right. As the only investment bank that focuses exclusively on WealthTech, our connections in the WealthTech community mean we probably already have a good idea of who would be interested in acquiring you before we even pick up the phone.

Why Choose Us?


Domain Expertise

Our focus on WealthTech allows us to truly understand the nuances of your business and articulate those nuances effectively to potential buyers. We also make it a point to understand the pain points and growth strategies at many of the institutions in the wealth management space. Understanding your solution and understanding the problems helps us to find the best fit.



We know the "tech" in WealthTech. Knowing your technology and the technology stacks at potential acquirers allows us to tailor our pitch with integration in mind. We understand the arbitrage between what it costs a small firm to develop a solution and what it costs a large firm to develop a solution and we try our best to highlight and articulate that value to acquirers.


Tough Jobs

We don't mind the tough jobs. We don't simply rely on financial metrics to sell a company. We peel back the layers to get at the true value your firm can provide to an acquirer. Cost of development, time to market, plugging a gap in a feature set, expanding into new markets - these may all seem like soft points, but they can add hard value to an acquirer. We take the time to evaluate all of them.

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