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Stock Exchange

Raising Capital

Raising capital to achieve your business goals is a central issue for early stage companies. Unfortunately, the funding environment has shifted dramatically since 2021 and raising capital is a lot harder than it used to be. We help maximize success and prevent you from falling into the trap of focusing on the capital raise instead of growing your business.

Why Choose Us?


Domain Expertise

We are the only investment bank that focuses exclusively on WealthTech. This means we understand the nuances of your business, how it fits in the marketplace, and what pain points you solve. Instead of cramming you into a financial model and sending it around, we articulate the nuances of your solution and bring your story to life.


Focus on Strategics

Like most investment banks, we court the Venture Capital community and other financial investors. But, we also focus heavily on strategic investors who have a pain point you can solve. We produce a separate deck and launch a separate outreach campaign focused on strategic investors who can become clients and partners as well. 


We Love Early Stage

While many investment banks decide to take on projects based on how much money they will make, we take on projects based on how much fun we think we will have. Our focus on WealthTech gives us a sort of scale we would not have otherwise. If you have a solution the industry needs, we will help you get funding, even if you are pre-revenue.

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