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Corporate Venture Capital

We believe most financial services firms should be launching a Corporate Venture Capital effort. However, we acknowledge that this may be out of a firm's wheelhouse or otherwise hindered by your day job. We started our Corporate Venture Capital Consulting practice to help bridge the gap.

Why Start a Corporate Venture Capital Effort?


Market Intelligence

Get a comprehensive view of all the new innovation and products in your market. You get more than just the sales pitch. You get a deeper understanding of the solutions, pain points, hurdles, and motivations behind what will drive the future of your industry.


Drive Innovation

You can form deep partnerships with the solutions that you see driving the industry forward. Position your product ahead of the competition by approaching innovation as an internal/external partnership. Lower your innovation risk and increase returns.


Rent to Own

De-risk your M&A strategy by starting with a minority investment. This puts you in an excellent position to assess the product, the corporate culture, and the fit before acquisition, not after. Additionally, you may have a leg-up if your partner looks to sell.

Three Levels of Service


Setup Service

We help you get up and running in the fastest time with the fewest mistakes. Our expertise and experience with CVC across multiple organizations lets us help you avoid the pitfalls, both for the short term and the long term.


We help:

  • Set up a structure that aligns to your specific organization and goals

  • Structure the Investment Committee

  • Document policies and procedures to ensure best practices are followed

  • Prepare necessary presentation materials to secure internal buy-in

  • Train internal personnel both at inception and ongoing as needed


Outsourced Due Diligence

If you find an investment that you feel might be a fit, but you don't want to tie up Corporate Dev or other internal resources with deal evaluation and execution, you can consider us your outsourced due diligence and advisory group.

We help:

  • Evaluate an investment

  • Perform necessary due diligence

  • Structure the transaction

  • Negotiate valuation

  • Produce all investment memos and presentations

  • Execute the transaction

  • Monitor investment progress


Corporate Venture Capital as-a-Service

If you like the benefits of a Corporate Venture Capital arm, but don't want to deploy internal resources towards it, we can provide you with a turnkey service. You will be the CIO and we do the rest. 

We can:

  • Evaluate all investment opportunities

  • Pass along summaries of the investments that meet your particular criteria

  • Perform in-depth analysis of the investments you feel might be of interest

  • Perform all due diligence, documentation, and execution for the investments you would like to proceed with

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