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Apex Acquires AdvisorArch

Apex Fintech Solutions announced that they have acquired AdvisorArch, a WealthTech company that enables automated rebalancing and direct indexing. This is perhaps an excellent example of how acquiring WealthTech companies can plug holes in a set of product offerings, accelerate roadmap items, or possibly both.

Apex CEO Bill Capuzzi commented that "this acquisition strategically fills a crucial gap in our platform, providing access to the most advanced, customizable, and scalable rebalancing and direct indexing solution on the market. This marks a significant milestone in our journey to empower advisors.”

We expect acquisitions of earlier stage WealthTech firms by larger WealthTech and financial services firms to increase for the following reasons:

  1. The WealthTech space is highly fragmented.

  2. Advisor are encouraging their technology providers to consolidate functionality into fewer platforms.

  3. Technology platforms are racing to add as much functionality to their products and time is of the essence because, once an advisor chooses a platform, they are unlikely to change for quite some time.

  4. The venture capital market is in a bit of a slowdown.

  5. Small firms can produce software faster and cheaper than large firms.

  6. Small firms can often innovate faster than large firms.

  7. Unlike the past, most small firm offerings are built cloud native with very modern tech stacks that can be easily integrated.

Congratulations to Apex and the AdvisorArch team!


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