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The September WealthTech Strategy Monthly Challenge

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

For this month's WealthTech Strategy Challenge, we ask that you stop leading with your demo when you present to a prospect. Back in the day, a slick UI/UX would razzle-dazzle people into believing they needed your product. Those days are long gone. Now having a slick UI/UX is just table stakes. Put another way: if they are not leaning forward and wanting your product before the demo, it is unlikely that they will be after the demo.

The answer is to take the time up front to really talk through why you are there and why they need you. Once you feel that your value proposition is clear, compelling, and aligned with their needs, then you can finish with a demo or schedule a demo for later. It is true that some people are visual learners, but if your arguments are clear and compelling, you can still get them to lean forward into your presentation.

I understand that many sales folk will see this as a bit of heathen thinking and that the proper way two win over a client is to come charging into the room wielding a shiny demo like a two-handed sword. Our challenge this month, if you should chose to accept it, is to try talking it out first. I believe the worst thing that happens is you get a better understanding of the key points of the value proposition as people see them.


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