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Wealthfeed lands $2 million seed round for AI-enabled "Money in Motion" radar

Wealthfeed is a platform that uses AI to try and identify which of an advisor's clients and prospects are experiencing a "Money in Motion" event. Examples might be inheritance, sale of a home, or sale of a business. It fits in with our AI WealthTech theme which we call "CoCoDec," which is by no means a catchy name, but it is shorter than "Compliance, Communication, Data Enrichment and Cleaning." By reaching out during a money in motion event, the company claims that closure rates increase.

The round included one venture capitalist and several individuals. With several individuals from the industry, what we call "semi-strategic investors." Justin Wisz, Founder of Thicket Ventures, and Joe Jolson, Founder & former CEO of JPM Securities, which sold to Citizens in 2021, both joined the Board of Directors.


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