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Asset Management Working with WealthTech to Bring Alternatives Down Market

Photo Credit: Louisa Svensson / Alamy Stock Photo

JP Morgan Asset Management launching new vehicles to remove some of the friction associated with providing alternative assets to wealth management while WealthTech providers remove the rest and promote reach?

I've always wondered if alternative assets would finally take hold in wealth management because of innovations in asset management or innovations in technology. Sounds like a good bet is both according to an interview with J.P. Morgan Asset Management and

From the JPM side:

-Minimum investment lowered to $25k

-Potential quarterly liquidity

-Education and support

-Lower fee structure? (would be nice)

From the WealthTech side:

-Ease of onboarding

-Potential for "marketplace-like" storefront

-Possible improvements in reporting

-WealthTechs mentioned were CAIS and iCapital, but I'd also throw in Aspequity, Delio, Securitize, Kapnative, AirFund, Door, Vincent Labs, and a bunch more.

Link to article here


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