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Copilot Money stepping into the gap left by with a $6mm Series A round

Copilot Money, a personal financial management app similar to the old, has raised a $6mm Series A round led by Adjacent. Prior to the Series A, Copilot had raised an undisclosed amount in a Seed round, but since it was undisclosed, we feel it might not have been very much. All the better for them.

This perhaps raises awareness for a branch of WealthTech that we don't talk about much: personal financial management. I programmed my first personal accounting system back in 1988. As was the fashion of the day, it was an extremely grotesque Frankenstein of a spreadsheet laden with macros. Still, I would like to think that, had I pursued it, Quicken would be named after one of the characters in Lord of the Rings today.

But one of the things I was careful to address in my system was investments. Oddly enough, Quicken, and especially Mint, never really put in place any real functionality to track and understand investments. While I have not used it, Copilot Money professes to do a good job at tracking investment, which I consider a gap in the market. Perhaps that, and the fact that Mint shuttered and passed some of its features to Credit Karma, might be why Adjacent felt it was time to pour some gas on the fire.

Their URL is not necessarily intuitive, but it is


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